Monday, November 1, 2010

Afternoon Tea Photo-shoot #1

Alexander McQueen skull ring

 Cartier Ring, Van Cleef Bracelets

Celine Leopard bag, Fendi Cuffs, Chanel Sunglasses

Gerrard Angel-wing ring

Alexander Wang Sunglasses
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TheMakeup101s said...

these images are amazing! is this you or a model?

Haute Couturista said...

A model, I took these photos. Thank you! x

Shaikha said...

the photos are amazing , can u plz tell me what color and brand name of the manicure

funk_you said...

Breathtaking! mashallah you are so talented! keep up the amazing work! xx


Paper Ice Cream said...

OMG! I interned at Harper's Bazaar this summer. When that Celine bag came into the closet I nearly had a heart attack, it is so gorgeous!

Nino Eliava said...

angel ring is so cool